Kung Fu and Self-Defence

Grandmaster Vohra teaches Kung Fu and Self-Defence in Nottingham at the highest level.

Shaolin Kung Fu refers to a combination of Chinese martial arts that claim an affiliation with the Shaolin monastery.

‘Kung Fu’ literally means hard work or fighting art and is a collection of artistic hand and dynamic foot and flying jump techniques. There are many styles of Kung Fu and all can develop both your internal and external strength. Suppleness plays a large part in successful Kung Fu training.

Stretching exercises will increase your agility, flexibility and general suppleness.

At Grandmaster Vohra’s Black Belt School we teach Shaolin Se Suin Chen Mermin Dang Lang Kung Fu, known as the ‘Ten animal Style’.

This incorporates Snake, Tiger, Panther, Monkey, Eagle, Crane, Lion, Bear, Horse and Dragon techniques with the addition of Praying Mantis (Mermin Dang Lang). Each animal has characteristics that provide the practitioner with an array of offensive and defensive techniques.

Only through a mastery of each of these animals can one hope to be a complete kung-Fu stylist.

Shaolin ten animal Kung Fu teaches many fighting techniques, but more importantly it provides the martial artist with a great foundation through strength training, breathing applications and a mixture of internal and external energy training.

All these attributes help build strength, power and overall health.