Martial Arts Training Camps

Martial Arts Training Camps & Self-Defence Seminars

Weekend martial arts self-defence seminars are available to all from beginner to black belt and beyond!. Our Taekwondo club also runs Taekwondo Training Camps covering essential training drills.

Grandmaster Vohra is regularly invited worldwide to host self-defence seminars and martial arts training camps.

During the course of the year Grandmaster Vohra hosts special martial arts seminars available to members and non-members alike. These take place over the course of a weekend each and introduce the participants to different aspects of the martial arts from self-defence to harnessing inner energy.

Each course is led by an International Master or Grandmaster instructor.

All are welcome to take these seminars from beginner to black belt as you do not need to have a martial arts background to benefit from the tuition being offered.

Check our calendar for upcoming events.