• Instructor enquiries are welcome.
• Learn from one of the highest ranked non-Korean Kukkiwon Taekwondo Instructors in the world.
• The GrandMaster Vohra’s Black Belt School is seeking to appoint instructors as regional representatives.
• GrandMaster Vohra is known across the world as one of the finest Martial Arts Instructors.

If you are interested in teaching and sharing we would like to hear from you.
As one of the leading Martial Arts Organisations in the world we would like to offer instructors the opportunity to train with us at our Headquarters with the pursuit of advancing a successful career in the Martial Arts.

For training opportunities at our Headquarters and/or seeking more information about affiliating with our organization please feel free to contact us.


• National and International Martial Arts Seminars for beginners and black belt holders.
• Demonstration Team
• Gradings (regular Kup; and DAN black belt certifications up to 7th DAN). Since 1983, 1000’s of students have been promoted to black belt. Gradings are provided twice a year in May and December at the Academy.
• Jump DAN promotion in TKD.
• WTF Kukkiwon certifications to legitimize unlicensed and non-Kukkiwon certified TKD practitioners.
• Instructor rank qualifications.
• Opportunity to consult and work directly with Grand Master Vohra’s Branch Representatives located worldwide.
• Opportunity for outside instructors to provide seminars at the Academy (since 1980, the Academy has hosted seminars by National and International Martial Arts Masters).
• Provide exposure in Martial arts magazines for up and coming martial artists.
• Provide specially designed programs involving control and restraint enforcement for close protection.

GrandMaster Vohra is available to provide advice for successful development within the martial arts to tailor to the specific needs of individual students, instructors and clubs both in the UK and abroad. If you require these services, please feel free to contact:

GrandMaster Vohra’s International HQ’s
Ilkeston Road, Nottingham, NG7 3FX
Tel #: +44 (0) 115 9780439
Fax #: +44 (0) 115 9785567
Mobile #: +44 753 684 5750